As a social worker, Therapeutic Recreation Director and certified Dementia Practitioner, Schuyler is sensitive to the needs and abilities of audience members with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. Inquire about lively, interactive performances that use props, audience participation and therapeutic techniques to engage audiences living with dementia. 

Staff development is also available. Living (and Aging) Out Loud! is a comprehensive, full day Therapeutic Storytelling training for interdisciplinary teams in senior centers, nursing homes, adult day centers, and assisted living communities. Caregivers and ancillary staff gather up fun and valuable storytelling tools for leisure education, creative challenges, redirection. Storytelling can become a significant part of your organization's culture, and offers a distinctive marketing plan. Sample care plans and monitoring tools are included.

The right story at the right time.  From house concerts to parties to weddings, there's a story for every occasion. Schuyler's storytelling programs for adults include: truly grown-up fairy tales. Tales of Nature, Peace, Human Rights. Tales from the Victorian Spiritualist Movement, Women's Stories, traditional American folktales, and literary tales. Maybe you're interested in Ghost Stories. Real life stories? Personal narrative?  Programs will be developed upon request.|

As a child of Sleepy Hollow, NY, Schuyler cut her teeth on Ghost Stories and literary horror.

Have you heard her interpretation of "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"?

Storytelling...perfect for date night, or Girls' Night Out.

Linda Schuyler Ford

Storyteller/Spoken Word Artist





Schuyler's considerable repertoire enables her to build programs specific to the needs and interests of your children. Drawing from folk and fairy tales, personal and literary stories. she will create just the right blend of stories to entertain, promote literacy, or reinforce areas of discovery in your curriculum for ages 4-18.

As a certified Living Values Educator, Schuyler will plan a day-long or week-long program of stories, conversations and activities about Kindness, Integrity, Confidence and other values, for ages 5-12.  Also, consider storytelling to promote literacy. 

She is also enthusiastically available as a coach for young storytellers. Schuyler has performed in schools, museums, day care centers, and camps.

 Storytelling is a fun and engaging means to help children build character, face challenges or anxieties, or just explore the world through their imagination,” says Linda Schuyler Ford. “I love every minute of telling stories to children and teens.” 



Circling the Story Spiral is an intensive, wildly productive day-long workshop for storytellers called to work in deep service (and fun!) with Older-Elders with, and without cognitive loss.  CSS includes hands-on training that demonstrates how to engage folks with cognitive loss, develop intergenerational programs, identify audience needs, create interactive programs relevant to older-elders, learn to use Validation techniques, and speak the language of professional caregivers. Included: ever valuable tips for helping staff document and track outcomes to help fulfill federal requirements. We talk about marketing, too. Completion earns certification in Circling the Story Sprial Storytelling Level 1 in residential and day centers serving Elders.


Medicine Stories help us hold the prism of our lives up to the light so that our experiences-all of them-can be seen and shaped.  Wisdom, healing, forgiveness, delight and ease are found in the right story at the right time.  Schuyler has worked with health care professionals, patients, teens and adults in bereavement,  and faith communities to use Story as a guide,  and a balm. 

Five Smooth Stones, a Support Group rooted in Storytelling, celebrates and affirms the gifts of caregivers and healthcare professionals. 90 minutes, or 3 hours, depending on your needs. Spirited conversation, deep listening, interactive games, and carefully chosen stories relieve stress and promote a sense of well-being.

Sacred Sojourns brings reflection and healing to children and adults in bereavement. Sacred Sojourns is offered as a stand alone performance, or as a full day retreat that includes storytelling, StoryArt, and StoryCare.

Women's Story Retreats?   Fill a weekend with stories, dance, reflections, crafts and Reiki.  Play, relax, bond, repeat! At a bed and breakfast of your choice. Or let, Schuyler do all the planning for you!

Workshops & Training

Schuyler is known for her discerning ear and wise insight as a storytelling coach. Whether facilitating a beginner's class or offering 1:1 pre-concert coaching, she uncovers nuance and skill with warm enthusiasm.

Just Enough to Make a Story introduces new storytellers to the art. Classes are available as a one day workshop, or as a series that explores many genres. Focus is on folk and fairy tales, and classic literary stories.

Tell It True! is a rewarding exploration of personal narrative. Schuyler, a winner of two story slams, combines her experience in "true narrative" with the rich poetry of classic folk and fairy tales to help new and seasoned storyteller bring life to personal stories. Participants are supported in finding their own distinctive voices and styles.

Both workshops are interactive, meaningful and fun.  Choose a 4 hour intro class, or a six week series.