Storytelling Workshops

Everybody's got a story to tell.

Schuyler helps you mine the gold that is your own unique style.

Workshops include:

Just Enough to Make a Story, a fun exploration of the elements of story.

Two hour, seven hour and weekend versions will be adapted to your interests. For children or adults.

Just Enough to Make a Story (True)offers participants the opportunity to mine life experiences for events that can be shaped into tellable stories.

C​​heck out the Medicine Stories section, too.

Contact Schuyler  about creating an engaging learning experience for you and your colleagues.

Stories that Entertain, Inspire, Heal
As a Therapeutic Recreation Director and certified Dementia Practitioner,​ Schuyler is sensitive to the needs and abilities of audience members with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. Inquire about lively, interactive programs that use props, audience participation and therapeutic techniques to engage audiences through the late-mid stages of cognitive loss.   

Staff workshops are also available.

Interested in therapeutic storytelling training for all staff?

How about  ArTalks, a unique multi-use, interdisciplinary storytelling intervention that can be used by recreation staff, social workers, CNA's and nurses to calm and redirect residents?

Tell, Touch, Triumph!TM is an intensive, wildly productive and fun (yes!) day long workshop for storytellers called to work in deep service to older-elders. 
Learn about marketing to care communities, create support documentation for activities staff (become a truly renewable resource!), engage folks with cognitive loss, develop inter-generational programs, identify audience needs, create interactive programs relevant to older-elders, learn to use Validation techniques,  and speak the language of professional caregivers. Completion ears certification in                  T3 Storytelling for Long term Care.

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Storyteller Schuyler Ford

Medicine Stories

Storytelling For
 Elders With Cognitive Loss

Storytelling For
Kids & Teens

Storytelling For

The right story at the right time.

From house concerts to parties to weddings,  there's a story for everything.

Schuyler's storytelling programs for grown-ups include:

Truly  grown-up fairy tales.

Tales of Nature, Peace, Human Rights. Tales from the Victorian Spiritualist Movement, Women's Stories, traditional American folktales.

Real life stories? Yes! A slice of life from the 1960's,  a September 11th Trilogy and more.

Maybe you're interested in Ghost Stories. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow? Urban legends? Sure!  


Programs will be developed upon request.

Dash off an email to get the ball rolling!

Storytelling For Children & Families 
Ah, stories! Magic carpets that whisk us to worlds where the imagination runs free. 

Stories for entertainment.

Stories for cultural education.

​Stories for character building.

Schuyler's considerable repertoire enables her to build a program specific to your needs and interests. Folktales, Peace tales, Relationships, Nature, Ghosts, Literary tales, Mermaids?

As a certified Living ValuesTM educator,  Schuyler will plan a day-long or week-long program of stories, conversations and activities about Kindness, Integrity, Confidence and other values, for ages 5-12.

Also big fun? A Play in a Day and Readers' Theater!

Concerts? Parties? School assemblies? Artist-in-Residence? Schuyler is a certified Living Values educator, offering full day or week-long values-based storytelling playshops for grades K-6.

Let's talk about storytelling for kids and teens!

Medicine Stories help us hold the prism of our lives up to the light so that our experiences-all of them-can be seen and shaped.  Wisdom, healing, forgiveness, delight and ease are found in the right story at the right time.

Schuyler has worked  with health care professionals, patients and faith communities to use Story as a guide,  and a balm. 

Five Smooth Stones, a storytelling concert (and more) celebrates and affirms the gifts of caregivers and healthcare professionals.
90 minutes ,  3 hours., or 6 hours...depending on your needs.

Sacred SojournsTM, healing stories workshop for healthcare professionals. This is a truly interdisciplinary experience that will enable all staff to provide innovative behavior interventions, redirection and cultural fulfillment for all levels of care through storytelling activities. Offered as a one day or two day program/retreat.​

Women's Story Retreats?​  Fill a weekend with stories, dance, reflections, crafts and Reiki.  Play, relax, bond, repeat! At a B & B of your choice. Or let, Schuyler do all the planning for you!

Other workshops and performances are offered. Let's starta conversation  about how Medicine Stories can benefit you and your organization.